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Mon April 27, 2015 8:3 AM

The purpose of this page is to create a new internet access account with PRW.NET using a Credit Card.  Below is a list of the available options thru this Web Signup Process, please enter the username you desire, the phone number you will use to connect to the internet and select the best service option for you.

For additional information about this type of accounts, press here or if you are interested in a different type of account or payment method please contact us at (787)723-5000 or at info@prw.net.

Note:  If you are an existing PRW.NET customer and want to upgrade your account to DSL, please go to our Members Page.

Step 1:  Type of Account





the number you will use to connect to the internet


3-16 characters lowercase and may not contain any special characters



  WebSurfer DSL 5Mb/1024 $89.95    
  WebSurfer DSL 5Mb/512 $59.95    
  WebSurfer DSL 4Mb/512 $39.95    
     - 4Mb download / 512 Kbps upload
     - Five 200 MB email accounts
  WebSurfer DSL 2048/512 $24.95    
  WebSurfer DialUp $14.95    
  WebExplorer Plus DialUp $8.95    

NOTE:  We encourage you to consider American Express for all your online purchases.   robe de mariĆ©e American Express